Kimono style jacket

Wanneer: Sat Sep 28th 01:00 pm - 05:00 pm
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Learn basic dress making skills, without any ‘scary’ zips or buttonholes in sight! This Kimono style jacket would make a lush dressing gown, though would easily be fab for an evening outfit too!
Need a bit more length? We’ll simply drop the hemline…

Our sample has made clever use of both sides of the fabric, creating a contrasting pocket panel and neckline.

– Sewing Machine skills: Beginner

When booking, please mention your dress size, so we can prepare the pattern and advice you on materials.

Please bring along:
– 2 – 2.20m of lightweight natural cotton/linen/silk/tafetta
– Co-ordinating thread for invisible stitches, to make sure they match

Tutor: Francine Schokker
Kimono jacket 2


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