Dress making: Origami Fold Dress

Wanneer: Sat Aug 17th 11:00 am - 05:00 pm
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We simply couldn’t resist making several versions of this unusual dress with it’s bold draping detail!
Use a sturdy material, such as denim, to give the dress the ultimate folded origami look… or go for softly draping cotton for a wonderful balloon folded effect.

Mix & match materials to accentuate the bodice and wear with a belt or go for full on dress flow!

Dress making skills covered;
– Cutting fabric from a pattern
– Sew a facing
– Inserting a side seam zip
– Hemming

Sewing machine; Suitable for intermediate/advanced

Required materials:
1.5 x 2.10m fine, softly draping material (cotton) OR heavier material (denim, taffeta, wool)
40cm/16inch zip
Matching sewing thread

Tutor: Francine Schokker
Origami fold dress 2


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